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SIM800L Quad-band GSM Module Original SIMCom

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Produk original SIMCom modul GSM terbaru seri SIM800L untuk Arduino, NodeMCU atau Raspberry Pi cocok digunakan untuk membuat SMS Gateway, Internet of Things dan berbagai aplikasi yang memerlukan koneksi berbasis GSM/GPRS.

Modul GSM mungil ini bisa digunakan untuk menghubungkan Arduino dan board mikrokontroler lainnya ke Internet via GPRS, selain itu juga dapat digunakan untuk mengirim dan menerima SMS seperti misalnya pada perangkat alarm, pelacak GPS, data logger. Bahkan modul ini juga dapat digunakan untuk membuat dan menerima panggilan telepon.

Deskripsi Teknis

  • Power supply: 3.4V ~3.7V
  • Power saving: typical power consumption in sleep mode is 0.7mA (AT+CFUN=0 )
  • Frequency bands: Quad-band: GSM 850, EGSM 900, DCS 1800, PCS 1900. SIM800L can search the 4 frequency bands automatically. The frequency bands can also be set by AT command “AT+CBAND”. Compliant to GSM Phase 2/2+
  • Transmitting power:  Class 4 (2W) at GSM 850 and EGSM 900, Class 1 (1W) at DCS 1800 and PCS 1900
  • GPRS connectivity: GPRS multi-slot class 12(default, GPRS multi-slot class 1~12 (option)
  • Temperature range: Normal operation -40°C ~ +85°C,  Storage temperature -45°C ~ +90°C
  • GPRS:
    • GPRS data downlink transfer: max. 85.6 kbps
    • GPRS data uplink transfer: max. 85.6 kbps
    • Coding scheme: CS-1, CS-2, CS-3 and CS-4
    • PAP protocol for PPP connect
    • Integrate the TCP/IP protocol.
    • Support Packet Broadcast Control Channel (PBCCH)
    • CSD transmission rates 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 14.4 kbps
  • CSD: Support CSD transmission
  • USSD: Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) support
  • SMS:
    • MT, MO, CB, Text and PDU mode
    • SMS storage:SIM card
  • SIM interface: Support SIM card: 1.8V, 3V
  • External antenna: Antenna pad
  • Audio features:
    • Speech codec modes: 
    • Half Rate (ETS 06.20) 
    • Full Rate (ETS 06.10) 
    • Enhanced Full Rate (ETS 06.50 / 06.60 / 06.80) 
    • Adaptive multi rate (AMR) 
    • Echo Cancellation 
    • Noise Suppression
  • Serial port and debug port:
    • Serial port:
    • Full modem interface with status and control lines, unbalanced, asynchronous.
    • 1200bps to 115200bps. 
    • Can be used for AT commands or data stream.   
    • Support RTS/CTS hardware handshake and software ON/OFF flow control. 
    • Multiplex ability according to GSM 07.10 Multiplexer Protocol. 
    • Autobauding supports baud rate from 1200 bps to 57600bps. 
    • upgrading firmware 
    • Debug port: 
    • USB_DM and USB_DP 
    • Can be used for debugging and upgrading firmware. 
  • Phonebook management: Support phonebook types: SM, FD, LD, RC, ON, MC. 
  • SIM application toolkit:  GSM 11.14 Release 99 
  • Real time clock: Support RTC 
  • Timing functions: Use AT command set 
  • Physical characteristics: Size:15.8*17.8*2.4mm 
  • Weight:1.35g
  • Firmware upgrade: Main serial port or USB port.
SIM800L Module GSM GPRS SMS Untuk Arduino



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